Friday, August 30, 2013

Links O' Interest: August 30

The "Links" feature has been on a brief hiatus, but I'm posting this as a stop gap until I can find more great geeky things to share. These were found on the Mary Sue and they are just generally awesome.

  1. Mock up Disney princess as covers of magazines. Way amusing because the artist really nailed the impressions!
  2. A master lady swordsman of today. The interview is a lot of fun to watch, particularly if you love medieval combat as I do.
  3. Retro Pokemon posters. It reminded me of a Bioshock crossover. Gotta love old school advertising (which has only changed slightly from the era it was inspired by).
There will be more links soon! There's a lot of video game news stirring, so my next post will probably include some of that.

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